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As we return to indoor dining the need to create a breathable, safe environment for guests and staff has never been more relevant. Get the tools here to meet that need.

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The case for clean restaurant air

Restaurants of all types for years have focused solely on two things, exceptional food and a comfortable dining experience. What has been missed is the case for clean restaurant air. As dining reopens we are mindful that the air your guests breathe is just as important to their health as the food you service. And it’s not just your guests; your staff will benefit from a healthier, well-ventilated workplace.

The case for clean restaurant air

Cleaner air means more tickets, more occupancy, and greater retention

We’ve been doing this in the kitchen for years — pulling bad air out replacing it with good air. Now we’re doing this for the front of the house… It’s necessary. It’s crucial to the survivability of our industry and the desire of our dinner. We owe it to them.

Executive Chef, Post Ranch Inn, Reylon Agustin

It's Easier Than You Think


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HEPA Filtration
& Proper Mixing


Getting to clean restaurant air is a three-part system that applies to spaces both large and small. It starts with a robust, HEPA filtration layer paired with ventilation systems focusing on proper mixing. Once you’re moving and filtered the air, basic monitoring tools ensure you’re getting to clean air.

We’ll share the specifics on how to do this for free in our Clean Air Master Class video series. No strings. It’s our way of supporting the right of clean air for everyone.

Get the FREE Clean Air Master Class

Clean Air Starts Here

Our Clean Air Master Class is completely free and an excellent place to start. If you’d like to have a more guided approach to your restaurant clean air plan, you can reach out to our of our Clean Air Coaches, and lastly if you’d like a comprehensive energy recovery ventilation expert review, choose our Clean Air Collaboration option.

Clean Air Master Class

Your FREE guide to clean restaurant air starts here.

Clean Air Coaching

Want a more guided approach?
Connect with one of our Clean Air Coaches for one-on-one support on how to create your clean air plan.

Clean Air Collaboration

Connect with our partner, Small Planet Supply, on understanding the specifics of energy recovery ventilation and what it means for you.

[Stevie] is really putting forth that effort to make it safe for all of her customers because all of her customers are like family to her.

Patron, Stevie's Family Restaurant, Wayne Clark

Let guests know you care about clean air

Soon to be available to anyone who verifies completion of any of our three clean air education paths, including our FREE Clean Air Master Class.

Coming Soon!

Clean Restaurant Air badge on window
Patron, Stevie's Family Restaurant, Wayne Clark

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